Thursday, October 20, 2011

That Terrible Votive Candle

Nooo, a votive candle! ATTACK!
What you see are the "brave" armored German troops (part of KFOR, NATO's "peacekeeping" mission in the occupied Serbian province of Kosovo), pepper-spraying an elderly Serb holding a votive candle. Well, how dare he?! In NATOworld, that's a clear act of aggression against the peace-loving NATO troops, whose mission is a purely humanitarian occupation. Clearly a case of "self-defense", isn't it?

In mid-September, KFOR deployed at two checkpoints on the roads between occupied Kosovo and the rest of Serbia. There, in a clear violation of its mandate, it installed ethnic Albanian police, who were charged with enforcing the blockade of the territory still inhabited by Serbs (and not under the control of the self-proclaimed ethnic Albanian "government").

The local Serbs responded by erecting makeshift roadblocks, trapping the occupiers. They have offered to remove the roadblocks, if Albanian officials and the illegal EU mission withdraw from the two checkpoints. KFOR refused, demanding unconditional surrender. Last night, it launched probing attacks on all barricades.

The occupiers' claim they want to create "freedom of movement" is cynical in the extreme. They are only interested in free movement of themselves, the EULEX, and the illegal ethnic Albanian government - but not the Serbs. No, the Serbs are supposed to accept living in ghettos surrounded by barbed wire, being blown up and shot at for target practice (only one Serb-killer has ever been convicted, and EULEX released him), and suffer beatings, abuse and imprisonment for simply existing (i.e. crossing the "border" with Serbian license plates, or carrying Serbian flags). That's "freedom," KFOR-style. Grandfathers of today's German "peacekeepers" would find it very familiar.

Does KFOR really think the Serbs will surrender? They aren't dealing with the spineless government in Belgrade here, but the people that have nothing to lose and value freedom and dignity more than life itself. Don't they watch their own movies? I haven't the slightest doubt as to who will ultimately triumph in this confrontation. It may take a bit longer for KFOR peacebreakers to figure it out, though.

UPDATE (10/21/2011, 9 AM): I just heard that KFOR commander, German General Drews, claimed that he had "documented" evidence the Serbs had attacked KFOR with teargas! I presume he is referring to the incident where his semi-trained troops gassed themselves while trying to gas the Serbs? (See video here).

Note that the troops in question were Austrian. German and Austrian soldiers occupying Serbia and gassing Serb civilians, 70 years to the day of German (and Austrian) troops shooting thousands of Serb civilians in Kragujevac as "reprisals" for resistance to Nazi occupation; now that's just sickening.


Asteri said...

Hastings Ismay, the first head of NATO once said NATO's role was to "keep the Germans down, the Russian out and the Americans in" replace the Germans and its the same story.

If the Kosovo Serbs were anyone else their struggle would be taken up with protests, solidarity marches and campaigns. There would be reporters from every western news organisation camped out and the situation immortalised in tv documentary's, plays and photo journals.

David of Rascia said...

It is not actually surprising that these Satanists would attack a man with a votive candle.

Branko said...

I think you should respond to these allegations; they will be used to justify the aggression:

CubuCoko said...

Branko, thanks for bringing this to my attention. This is typical NYT drivel: they quote a worthless EULEX prosecutor (see here) and insist that a rumor is true even though one of their interviewees explicitly denies it, and the other (the Albanian) refuses to even talk.
The irony is that "smuggling" means denying "Kosovia" tax revenue, which from the Serb standpoint is the pinnacle of patriotism. Commerce always did connect communities, because where there are needs, they will be fulfilled. But the attempt to tar the Serbs with the "criminal" brush in the face of Albanians' trade in drugs, slaves and body parts is just typical NYT.