Friday, December 09, 2011

Thanks, Angie

It just occurred to me that I haven't posted anything here since mid-November; I've been entirely too preoccupied with my other blog,, and travel.

So, to recap: the Kosovo Serbs' citizenship gambit failed, when Moscow refused them on a technicality. The barricades remain, however, in spite of all the attempts to get them dismantled. Speaking of which, the German and Austrian complaints about the "violence" - when it was their fully armed and armored troops that initiated violence against the Serb civilians - has to be the pinnacle of cynicism.

It did Belgrade no good to make yet another set of capitulations to the KLA "state" Saturday night; the EU decided to put its candidacy on ice until the formal recognition of "Kosovia", and whatever new demands they come up with thereafter. In a way - and quite unintentionally I'm sure - the Austro-German axis running the show is actually doing the Serbs a favor: had the quisling regime's obsequiousness been rewarded by a candidacy, meaningless and symbolic as it is, they'd have smooth sailing till the April elections regardless of their manifest ineptitude, and the Serb resistance in Kosovo would have been undermined. As it is, the EUrocrats are sabotaging the very people working to please them. Well, no one said they were logical...

So, German Chancellor Angela Merkel deserves a thank-you note for what she did, however inadvertently, to keep Serbia out of EU bondage. I'm sure once the Serbs sort out their politics, that note will be forthcoming in some shape or form.

I'm not so sure about Angelina Jolie, though. Her directorial debut, "In the Land of Blood and Honey" is yet another take on a real-life romance between a Serb and a Muslim during the Bosnian War. Judging from the trailer and the few snippets of footage floating around, it's a derivative and disappointing bit of chetnixploitation, borrowing heavily from movies about the Holocaust. While Bosnia was a nasty (un)civil war, comparing it to the Holocaust is in horrifically poor taste at the very least, if not an outright insult to Holocaust victims.

There have been many films dealing with the Balkans wars in the past twenty years, but none of them have done any good financially. One would think Hollywood would have got the point by now.

In other news, the EU is coming apart at the seams, the Empire is trying to engineer a color revolution in Russia, the Iranians claim to have shot down a U.S. drone, and Pakistan is bolstering air defenses after "NATO" aircraft mauled two dozen of their troops last week. None of that is likely to turn out very well.


Asteri said...

Me thinks its a ploy, the EU half of the empire is just putting of granting Serbia candidate status until March so as to get the election result it wants. If it had said 'Nein,' the Serb resistance would have re-stated and handed the election to the opposition, they could have said 'Ja' yesterday, but then there is no telling how events may play out in the next few months. Their plan is a risky one but worth the gamble.

As for Russia, I don't think the empire is engineering a 'colour revolution' there; they would rather have Putin - better the devil you know. They know the kind of government they would want has no chance in getting in to power, but just look at the make up of the protesters - its mostly the Communists of the far right, neither is an outcome the empire would welcome.

jack said...

Serbia continued dismemberment and encirclement with the fraudulent Montenegro independence vote making it landlocked and the weight of guilt on its head from the bogus Srebrenica massacre it to secure total control over the region to ensure reliable passage of future Caspian oil and gas that transits through Kosovo and Bosnia.


Wrong about Putin they want him gone so they can dismember Russia and control the Caspian and Eurasian energy sphere under ethnic Turkic/pan Turanian control.

The “independent” NGO Golos behind the recent vote controversy other than being supported by NED is also supported by USAID which Georgia president Sakashvilli was a managing director of a USAID sub-contractor The Liberty Institute and help get Dubai involved in a Georgian-Caspian pipeline.

This blogger guy is for Russia to vacate the Caucasus region.

Far West Gulf group is behind the protest movement.

kapetan Mile said...

i'm sure the empire is saying this right now : we dismantled the USSR, we surely can dismantle Putin and in less time. It seems they have started. That's what happens when your are all talk no action.

Eugene Costa said...

"the Iranians claim to have shot down a U.S. drone"

Apparently a review of the U2 Incident is in order for the forgetful.

Has it been recalled, for example, that Powers was supposed to destroy the plane in the air and commit suicide under certain circumstances--neither of which he did.

The point--a supersecret drone without remote autodestruct?

Hardly credible, which suggests either that the autodestruct did not work or the whole incident was planned.

The Iranians are almost the accomplished chessplayers the Soviets in their prime used to be--does the US and Israel, among others, really believe they are naive enough not to know the gambit inside out?

In either case, the US again seems to have outsmarted itself, which, given the incompetence of the high inner circles, is easy enough to do, if only by accident.

The triple reverse of asking for the drone back is no doubt Obama's and Clinton's little fillip of psychological warfare to add
another provocation to the initial provocation, which was the drone.

The irony is this--one of the problems of dangling juicy bait is that to be persuasive it must be juicy and juiciness also divulges secrets, even when it is known to be bait.

The Iranians are now claiming that they will soon reverse engineer the drone in a new improved version.

"Improved"? Indeed, indeed.

Eugene Costa said...

Ah, the slapstick thickens.

An anonymous Iranian engineer through an anonymous Iranian reporter tells the Christian Science Monitor exactly how the Iranians scored a supersecret US drone.

The story is nicely spiced, with among other things, the following:

(1) a gratuitous insult of the Pakistanis

(2) the Iranians being "drunk", supposedly with happiness

(3) the simile of the laptop ("Have you ever had a new laptop? Imagine that excitement multiplied many-fold.")

(4) Revolutionary Guards worried about autodestruct but "so excited they could not stay away."

What--no pistachios?

Adding to the humor the following:

(1) that recently a USAF drone crashed landed on its home airstrip in the Seychelles

(2) that the Christian Science Monitor, before it went Neo-Con, used to be a comparatively decent news rag.

Okay, kiddies, get out your maps and answer the following questions:

(1) where are the Seychelles?

(2) where is Mary Baker Eddy buried?