Friday, June 21, 2013

A Game of Robes

Sometime last week, a letter by a Danish judge at the "International Criminal Tribunal for Yugoslavia" (ICTY, aka the Hague Inquisition) was leaked to the media. In the letter, Frederik Harhoff complained about heavy-handed American influence at the Tribunal, and went on to suggest that American and Israeli (?!) officials were trying to influence certain trials so as to protect themselves from future prosecution.

That the ICTY has been little more than a tool of the Empire has been obvious for years. Harhoff's letter and wikileaked cables only confirm it. The Inquisition indicts, tries and convicts - or releases - only those the Empire has fingered. Radovan Karadzic and Ratko Mladic were charged with war crimes when Washington wanted them cut out of the peace talks in 1995. Slobodan Milosevic was charged at the point when NATO's air war had stalled and needed a legitimacy boost. Proceedings against Vojislav Seselj have dragged on for a decade now, on spurious charges of "hate speech", because removing him from Serbian politics served the needs of Empire's puppet government.

And while the trials of any and all Serb officials sought to criminalize the Serbs' existence (let alone the cause and conduct of the war), the trial of Croatian generals released on appeal was a farce. Admittedly, not a very competent one - the Tribunal could have tried to legitimize both itself and the Croatian narrative of the war without playing fast and loose with the doctrine of "joint criminal enterprise" - but one gets the impression the ICTY is a sinecure for second-rate jurists in the same way the "peace missions" in Bosnia and occupied Kosovo have provided jobs for otherwise unemployable Eurocrats and Washington backbenchers. (Exceptions such as Prisca Nyambe of Zambia only prove the rule.)

Not surprisingly, it was Harhoff's conspiracy theory about the U.S. and Israel that attracted the most media attention. Few actually dare question the Imperial narrative of the Yugoslav Wars that the ICTY has helped establish. According to the Danish jurist, the acquittals of Croatian generals and Serbian security chiefs were supposed to weaken the doctrine of command responsibility, because it could land U.S. and Israeli leaders in hot water somewhere down the line.

Erm, no.

The conviction and release of the Croatian generals was a simple ICTY farce, one seen before in the case of Naser Oric and later Ramush Haradinaj. The indictment and conviction are supposed to create the impression the ICTY is a real, impartial, legitimate court of law - which is then followed by a release on appeal. Of actual law and justice, there is nary a trace.

Furthermore, as a fellow blogger pointed out, the ICTY has a habit of prosecuting only the alleged crimes against the designated victim groups. Hence, Serbs and (Bosnian) Croats get the (ICTY-written) book thrown at them for killing (Bosnian) Muslims, the few KLA are punished only for killing fellow Albanians, while no one ever gets punished for killing Serbs.

As for the recently acquitted Serbs, both Gen. Perisic and security chief Stanisic (and presumably his underling, Simatovic) actually worked for the CIA. Perisic had been an asset since 1997, and was caught red-handed in 2002; during his trial, Stanisic had confessed to working with the CIA since 1992. And since at this point Washington is convinced that Serbia has been conquered and irreversibly broken, releasing used-up assets instead of throwing them under the proverbial bus was probably judged to serve imperial purposes better.

What has any of this to do with American or Israeli officials covering their behinds? Nothing. Precisely. Neither the ICTY, nor its more permanent successor, the ICC, have any jurisdiction over Americans - the Empire has made sure it remains above the law, even as it uses it as a truncheon to break any resistance to its designs. The Imperial establishment not only doesn't fear prosecution, the thought of ever being taken to account for their deeds - abroad or at home - hardly ever crosses their minds. I've said as much in an interview for RT's Truth Seeker, airing tonight.

Israel similarly refused to submit to ICC jurisdiction - and moreover, has zero interaction with the ICTY.  So why did Harhoff mention it at all? Perhaps, as one Russian commentator noted (link in Serbian), because Harhoff's "leak" was a deliberate ploy in an internal Inquisition conflict: though in the past the leadership of the Tribunal rotated between America and the EU, the Empire now seeks to re-appoint Theodor Meron (American and Jewish) out of turn, in order to retain control. If this is true, it explains Harhoff's seemingly baffling conspiracy theory: dragging Israel into the mix is aimed at discrediting Meron personally. Sounds like something Littlefinger would do.
Aren't you glad that the Hague Inquisition is such an altruistic, professional, law-abiding and justice-seeking institution, completely devoid of the taint of politics?


James said...

Just how much longer is the ICTY court going to last. It's over 20 years old now, and it seems like a favorite tool the Empire and EU don't want to give up.
It continues to exist with next to no resistance. There's no government in the world that works against it or holds it accountable despite its abuse of justice and the murders of its inmates.
I notice that Russia does almost nothing - except an occasional complaint (once a year or so) about its workings. I believe Russia even was there in the beginning to vote in its existence. You'd think they'd have some moral responsibility (unless they are pro-NATO) to try to undo the monster they allowed to exist.
There's really no hope for truth and justice with either the support or passivity of every government in the world, lawyers and people in general in regard to it.
Only a few dozen people, yourself included, ever really point out its violations.

bearspaw said...

It has become institutionalized. As Falcon writes, it is a good gig for many, many otherwise unemployable functionaries in the EU. Literally thousands are kept busy keeping this monster afloat. Truth and justice are just the bywords words used to fuel this bureaucratic nightmare. And there is no end to the number of minor thugs and petty dictators that can be hauled before the robed vultures of the Hague.

Aleks said...

The same court that gave Tomislav Mercep pass after pass after pass...

Unknown said...


you start to realize that the Jews (as the undercover leaders of the empire) have nothing to do with Serbs/Slavs or anything similar. Get of the Greko-Semetic wagon while its not too late. The future is in Bulgaria/Makedonia/Bosnia/Croatia/Ukraine/Russia/BijeloRusija (not i am not Jekavian speaker)/Polska/etc...

Only the return to the GENUINE SLAVIC Gods will make this pathetic earth a better place to be.

CubuCoko said...

Panix, I certainly don't think the Jews are "undercover leaders of the empire".

And while I don't disagree that Slavic unity would be a good thing, I am hard pressed to understand how it might come about. Based on old pagan gods no one remembers anymore?

Unknown said...

Gray Falcon,
our world is full of even more dead Gods. How many times haven't you seen those nice anglo-jewish Hollywood cartoons/movies about Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, etc... How many times those semetic-western snakes have promoted those Gods at the expense of eastern Orthodoxy ? (not that eastern orthodoxy does not carry of huge semetic load anyway). Have you ever seen Triglav in any of those cartoons/movies? Perun? Veles? I tell you those Gods are far more relevant in the balkans than any fabricated western greek gods.

Let me tell you my story. I come from north west greece. All i heard as a kid is about ancient this, ancient that. Over 50% of the local toponyms are either of Serbian roots (ekavica) or Bulgarian (yakavitsa). One thing i know for sure is that my ancestors were not locals in the land. They replaced the slavs. Just like the kosovar albos today replace the Serbs in Kosovo.

THERE IS A HUGE ANTI-SLAV pattern starting from 900 AD till our days. You have to come to Greece, AND LOOK AT GREECE IN A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE, to understand the mechanics of Satan against the people of the earth (Slavs, ancient Greeks). (Yes i categorize Slavs and ancient Greeks as basically cousin nations, the similarities were numerous). Majority of modern false Greeks are very close to albanians, both in origins and mentality.

The anglo-jews established this Serbian-(false)-greek friendship in order to block Serbs from seeing the big picture.


CubuCoko said...

You lost me at "Anglo-Jewish", honestly.

bearspaw said...

Interesting (but odd)comments above. I read recently that neo-Hellenic paganism was making inroads among Greek youth. The article made it sound as if they were leaving Orthodoxy in droves but I doubt few had any exposure to church since baptism.

CubuCoko said...

I've come across a piece about the neo-pagans as well, but got the impression they were a tiny (albeit vocal) minority.

Unknown said...

It seems you need a non-slav to give you the truth you cannot bear yourself.

Now, this has nothing to go with paganism of any kind. I am far from anything relevant.

Now about anglo-jew... LOL.... really? tell me *ONE* freaking american movie where the Jew or the (neo-false-vlaho)Greek(ophone) were the bad guys. There is nothing to "lose" really, it is more than obvious!!

Oh... and while you are at it, pls, find me *ONE* single moment in modern history where the saxon empire DID NOT ALIGN with the official jewish policy.

And since you are into it, find me one single case of anti-semetism in the west (ok, germany excluded) which was not punished in the most brutal manner.


I have nothing against the Jews.
I have the biggest love for true Greeks (Cretans, Cypriots, south Islanders).
I am indifferent to false Greeks (the whole modern Greek penisula).
I have the biggest love for true Slavs (most of todays slavs, even the usual traitors).

What i wanna say here (and pls don't get lost again), is that there is something SO BIG about SLavs, that lookign over the false-greek camp or the jewish camp SEEM COMPLETELY OUT OF CONTEXT.

Some info for desert :

Greece took over 700 Billions of euros since 1991, from the west. (at he same time when the west decided to destroy south slav lives).
Serbia/south SLavs received .... over 200 B LOSSES in damage in every possible manner.
After 1991, most of the bulgarian scientific youth was lost to the west.

SLAVS have been the target of the west. neo(false)Greeks and Jews have been the beloved children of the western empire.


come on, don't tell me you never heard about Hollywood being jewish-controlled.

Unknown said...

bearspaw, you are not even close. This neo-hellelnic paganism is practiced mostly by ex-albs, ex-vlahs (mainland greeks from the cities) who want to prove to the west that they are good ancient greeks. Now, you have to get this into your head :

Greece is the only country where the WEST has FORCED over 99.999% of the population to be Greek Orthodox Christian. It is the ONLY country that Church is supported officially by the state. Nowehere else does this hold true. Only Greece. And this country is the most loyal western protectorate in the balkans.


Stop polluting your souls with NON-SLAV garbage. ALL IS A LIE. Only Slavs are true.

Do i sound like a loonie ??? maybe... cause i was raised in SUCH AN anti-slavic country, that it turned out to be a major reaction IN favor of the Slavs.

Go and study by your eyes (watching the toponyms) the slavic history in Greece (as south as it gets). You will find no false-greko-western books about it...