Friday, June 14, 2013

There They Go Again

Just two days ago, Leon Hadar wondered if Samantha Power's appointment to the UN meant war in Syria.

Sure enough, the Emperor announced today that the Empire would intervene in Syria, because the government had (allegedly) used chemical weapons against the rebels, thus crossing Washington's arbitrary "red line."

This presumably has nothing to do with the Assad government winning the war, or Obama being taunted by Bill Clinton. Or the IRS and NSA scandals. Nothing to see here, move along. Right?

According to the mainstream media, Washington is considering "arming the rebels" and establishing a "no-fly zone." Except there has already been a massive gunrunning effort, via Croatia and Jordan, earlier this year.

Furthermore, after Libya, the odds of the "no-fly zone" back door to intervention getting through the UN are zero. Can the Empire bypass the UN, the way it did 14 years ago, when it occupied Kosovo? The Washington establishment, trapped in perpetual 1999, may think so; but Syria has learned the lessons of Serbia (even if Serbia hasn't), and Russia - which has a naval presence in Syria and friendly relations with Damascus - is extremely unlikely to stand idly by.

Then there is the question of who exactly would intervene, and where from. The Empire's bases in Iraq are on the wrong side of a massive desert, and at the tail end of a vulnerable supply line. Turkey is a bit preoccupied with internal problems at the moment; its military is yet untried in open battle with a conventional enemy, while its top brass have been purged over the past decade for opposing Islamization.

That leaves what, Israel? Invading Syria on behalf of a jihadist insurgency? Really?

Washington is reusing the Balkans playbook again: atrocity porn, inflated death tolls, smuggling weapons, no-fly zones... expect claims of mass rape and genocide to follow soon. Not because those might actually be happening, but because they are needed to bolster the narrative of the Imperial White Knight riding to the rescue of "Syrian people" (i.e. the jihadist rebel clients of Washington).

Will Syria be the place where this outlandish narrative will run into the reality wall? We'll find out soon enough.


Anonymous said...

"Washington is reusing the Balkans playbook again: atrocity porn, inflated death tolls, smuggling weapons, no-fly zones... expect claims of mass rape and genocide to follow soon."

They already have.

CubuCoko said...

The bigger the lie, the more easily it is believed.

kapetan Mile said...

if the past is any indication of things to come Russians can say all they want but it will remain as that. Russian ships or no ship

CubuCoko said...

Well, if the past is any indication, Russians have near-infinite patience - until they don't. I'm not saying that's going to happen now. But it will happen, eventually.

Unknown said...

This is not the first time that US is intervening on behalf of al-Qaeda. They did it in Bosnia and Kosovo, and in fact al-Qaeda is Washington's creations. As their own child, they therefore support it.

The problem has been that al-Qaeda has been attacking US, and to reverse that Washington has been siding with them in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia and now Syria.

The point here for the US is to, once again, reestablish the informal coalition with al-Qaeda so Washington can stir them in the direction of Moscow and use them as a way to dismember Russia.

Srbo said...

After Syria, it is going to be impossible to view the United States outside of the paradigm of the political reunification of Islam, not as a partner, but as an agent.

Bruno said...

There will be no military intervention in Syria as it would require ground boots.