Saturday, June 07, 2014

Seven Decades Hence

"The world is Hades for me now
and all men in it hellish spirits."
- The Mountain Wreath

Seventy years ago, on June 6 1944, the Western Allies launched the largest amphibious operation in history, landing hundreds of thousands of men and tanks onto the beaches of Normandy. Were they fighting and dying for an American Empire, or the world democratic revolution? The Emperor now says so.

Did those men fight so their country could pick up Hitler's torch 50 years later, back his allies, pursue his policies? With the Luftwaffe bombing Belgrade again, German boots on Serbian soil, SS marches in Latvia, and Banderist torchlight parades in Ukraine, Anglo-American boasting of how they won in 1945 are at best hypocritical and hollow. At worst, a cruel jest.

Bandera supporters march in Lwow, January 2013 (via "Kyiv Post")
The "Greatest Generation" is spinning in their graves. Hitler's ghost cackles with glee.

But the East remembers.


Unknown said...

"Did those men fight so their country could pick up Hitler's torch 50 years later"
I am sure You are familiar with Bush family deals with Nazis, operation “Paperclip” and false science “Eugenics”; so Your statement about “picking Hitlers torch” is AT LEAST 50 yrs off. I believe if You watch the video “The Hidden Faith of The Founding Fathers” on YT, it would be easy to comprehend the roots.

CubuCoko said...

Oh, I am familiar with the ties of certain power circles in the West with the Nazis - and an argument can certainly be made that the Nazis were created and backed as an "anti-Communist" (or more to the point, anti-Russian) force, which then slipped the chain and bit its masters. Any similarity with the jihadists is purely deliberate.

My point was that 50 years after D-Day, the Western Allies adopted the Nazis' policy towards the Serbs (and now the Russians) openly.