Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The East Remembers

1999 - 2015



The East Remembers.


Mabuballah said...

You could add a few other scenes, like the twice-bombed civilian train at Grdelica and maybe the riot at the embassy in Beijing, not to mention the maternity ward. Most important, however, is to remind the people at the embassy (and every other U.S. office, commercial or legal) every day. Maybe a few leaflets squirreled into Camp Bondsteel would help, too.

Asteri said...

This piece of insanity from the US embassy/NATO front organisation Helsinki Serbia needs a mention.


Without going into too much detail, the piece does not mention how the selectively quoted Amnesty and HWR condemned NATO for the bombing. Other than that, you have to believe the bombing was either justified or unjustified, you can't logically claim its a justified act while claiming the results were an unjustifiable crime.

On the other hand, their audience aren't really thinkers.