Friday, September 18, 2015

Remember Ukraine?

In the hubbub about the Syrian crisis - on which I will post some thoughts in the next couple of days - the world seems to have forgotten about the fiasco that is Ukraine.

Fortunately, CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle has not - and he was joined by Mark Sleboda, Alexander Mercouris and yours truly to discuss what is going on in Washington's dysfunctional satrapy on the Dnieper.

I'm not sure either that the intent of Minsk was to buy time until the Kiev regime inevitably self-destructed, but that sure seems to be how it worked out in practice. Any sort of progress towards a real solution can only be made after the political spectrum in the US puppet state of Ukropia stops being limited to fifty flavors of fascist.

That may seem like a long ways away... but winter is coming.


Unknown said...

Grateful for all yours labors. What would you suggest in history books (English) regarding the history of the "yellow and blue" and Galicia, etc. I'll never forget getting my hands on "Genocide in Satellite Croatia" was another of those tectonic shift moments. I have been to Serbia twice and Russia several times since then.
P.S. The first time in Belgrade, I ran a red in hot water with the Police but I had a Russian with me. So seeing the real life fraternal love in action, I knew all would end well.

John Witte
a Pravoslavie Americanitz

CubuCoko said...

John, you are much welcome!
As for the books, I can't really think of any one source at the moment. Falcon readers are welcome to offer their recommendations, however!

Clear Waters said...

It's quite a contrast between the Catholic Croats and the Orthodox Romanians.


The Romanian Legion sent fighters to aid Catholics against Communists in the Spanish Civil War.

The Croat Ustasha butchered Serbian Orthodox worse than the Communists ever did.