Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Jihad in Frankfurt

Time and again it happens. Someone opens fire on a bus of soldiers, or targets fellow soldiers on a military base, or shoots up a mall or a recruiting office. Yells "Allahu akbar!" as he does it. And then the Imperial propaganda apparatus musters all its considerable resources to not report the identity of the murderer, deny that his actions could have had anything to do with jihad or Islam, or even not report the event at all.

Why is this? Why is the Empire so hell-bent on denying the existence of jihad? They have no problem playing up the inept shoe bombers, baby-bottle bombers and underwear bombers, whose mad plots never come anywhere close to actually hurting anyone. But when jihadist gunmen actually kill Americans, whether in Salt Lake City, Arkansas or Frankfurt, the Empire goes to great lengths to direct the public's attention elsewhere.

Perhaps it's a power thing. News of airline threats can be used to empower the strip-searching government goons. There is nothing to be gained politically from the American people realizing they can be shot anytime, anyplace.

And then there is another consideration: the said jihadist gunmen may belong to the "wrong" group, designated by the propaganda apparatus as righteous victims that cannot possibly be blamed for anything, including terrorism. There is no way to explain how the U.S. "shares values" with organ-trafficking, drug-dealing slavers and terrorists. So it isn't explained. Facts don't fit the narrative, so if they can't be spun to make them fit, they are ignored or / worse yet - suppressed. No jihad here, move along.

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biorac said...
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kapetan Mile said...

could it be because the gunmen is a kosovo albanian muslim terrorist and it would confirm what many like you have been saying for years now about that region? that would hurt their humanitarian mission down there, would it?. It would aknowledge that they (EULEX and friend) are supporting, read feedindg terrorism? could it be just that?

CubuCoko said...

I would be remiss if I didn't mention Julia Gorin's extensively researched article that appeared this morning.

"There. I finished the investigation." Indeed.

jack said...

It is because they don't want you to know that the terror network they have created has splinters in it that branch of and commit acts of terrorism supporting Turkish affiliated terrorist groups in the Balkans, North Causcasus and Central Asia.

And it is not just the Balkans.

The last high profile attempted terror attack in Germany against US military bases (I think) were linked to Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan affiliate Islamic Jihad Union whose goal is to overthrow the regime in Uzbekistan.

Despite the mass media proclamations that there is little to no foreign terrorist presence in Chechnya all the major terrorist attacks from 9/11 to the bombings in Turkey and Madrid have a very distinct and clear connection to Chechnya and Bosnia.

When the mass media parrots Adam Choudry here in Britain and in the US and his Al-Muhajiroun organisation they fail to mention that a year prior to 9/11 there were reports in the British press or that they were use by British intelligence in the Balkans and although never mentioned Chechnya.

Oh what a shock! There is a Finsbury Park mosque-Beslan connection.