Friday, September 16, 2011


Forty days after being defeated by the local Serb community, the Empire and its KLA allies are at it again, seeking to set up "Kosovo customs" at two checkpoints facing inner Serbia. As in July, official Belgrade refuses to fight - but it won't do the spineless quislings any good. Having decided that the government set over them - I'm deliberately not saying "their government" - is in manifest dereliction of its most basic duty, the Serbs are organizing and defending themselves.

However much they prefer to live in a virtual reality constructed out of their own (and Imperial) propaganda, the quislingocracy in Belgrade cannot help but notice this development - and panic. That fear was stoked yesterday when Russia's ambassador, Alexander Konuzin, stood up at a pro-NATO conference in Belgrade (the fact that one was being held at all illustrates the depths of the government's depravity) and angrily rebuked the audience for fiddling while their country was being put to the torch. His exhortation, "Are there no Serbs here?" has already gone viral, and Konuzin Fan Clubs are popping up all over the social networks.

I spoke to RT this morning (video at the end) about the situation in Kosovo. These aren't "clashes", but an organized effort by the terrorist regime in Pristina to impose its writ on the last Serb enclave still holding out, with full knowledge, help and support of the NATO "peacekeepers" and the EU "law and order" mission. Though "terrorist" is a worn-out buzzword by now, it really fits here. The "government" in Pristina is basically the KLA, by any reasonable standard a terrorist organization, which has not only terrorized the province's Serbs and other non-Albanians, but also the very Albanians it purports to represent, both prior to the NATO invasion in 1999 and ever since. It also stands accused, by both a credible investigator and Empire's own Inquisitors, of trafficking in narcotics, weapons, slaves, sex slaves, and human organs (forcibly harvested from captives no less). How dare these people talk about "law and order"? How dare NATO, the foremost international outlaw?

The 78-day air terror campaign, intended to seize Kosovo from Serbia, ended when the Yugoslav government at the time signed an armistice with NATO (which the Alliance promptly violated). The UN Security Council approved the armistice and passed Resolution 1244, authorizing NATO occupation of Kosovo but guaranteeing the sovereignty of Serbia. That resolution has been systematically violated by NATO ever since, culminating in the 2008 "declaration of independence" by the KLA "government."

In March this year, almost twelve years to the date from NATO's attack on then-Yugoslavia, the Security Council passed Resolution 1973, authorizing the Alliance to set up a "no-fly zone" over Libya. NATO proceeded to bomb Libya instead, and offer direct support to the anti-government "rebels" there, in a reprise of 1999. If 1244 was a fig leaf for naked aggression, 1973 was a condom used in casual rape. Forgive me if I don't take the notion of "law" coming from these people very seriously.

For the third time in a hundred years, German troops are occupying Serbian soil. The first time they came in 1915, and were sent packing three years later. The second time, in 1941, they lingered for four. This time, it has been twelve and counting. Perhaps they think the Serbs have finally been broken. The quisling regime in Belgrade certainly does. They are both very much mistaken.

I wonder if the NATO troops facing the Serbs this evening realize their predicament. They aren't up against "illegal and criminal elements," but against an entire people, who value freedom - the actual thing, not Empire's buzzword - far more than their lives. There is exactly one Balkans nation that has faced down every invader and would-be conqueror over the centuries, and emerged from the struggle triumphant (however bloodied and bruised) every time. It is behind those barricades. KFOR is in front of them. If those assorted lackeys of Empire have any sense at all... they would be somewhere else.


Asteri said...

In the summer a British pro-Empire blog (you don't need or want to know), offered up a post called 'An economic boycott of an entire country,' about the dastardly Serbs trying to sabotage poor 'Kosova'. I linked two pictures to them, one of the Tianamen tank man and one of the Baltic Human Chain protests and explained to them it was more in line with these people power resistance movements than a 'boycott'. You can imagine how that went down. When I saw the log brocades I thought its the second 'Log revolution'.

Eugene Costa said...

Compliments also on "Goat Gate", which includes one of the magic words, "Bechtel".

"Armistice"--yes, a very interesting word and concept, as in Korea--another UN (and, in effect, NATO) "police action", wasn't it?

Stalin, by the way, had no doubt about what that was. Is an occasional Russian waking up from long slumber and sweet dreams of Deep Purple?

Anyway the Leningrad Cowboys have much more panache, especially when the Red Army choir sings along.

Oh, they renamed the choir too?

On verra.

CubuCoko said...

Сербство, your comment ran a bit too long (must have been the raw links) and got eaten by Blogger.

Yes, I do find it interesting it's the Germans doing this (they have forgotten nothing, and learned nothing), though I don't think they were paying too much attention to the anniversary, which was on September 14.

Anonymous said...

Nebojsa, this is why I read everything you write and have ever written on and on this blog, you never disappoint, your description of the realties on the ground in the Balkans is flawless and a great read, very little do you ever miss. What can I say keep up the good work, and spread the truth.

Suvorov said...

Mr. Malic,

Have you by chance read this article?:

I must admit I never heard those versions of events surrounding the arrest before.

Dorde said...

KFOR, NATO, UNMIK,KLA, the alphabet soup of foreign meddlers will not be there forever.

CubuCoko said...

@ Suvorov, thanks for bringing that to my attention. I've heard bits and pieces of those theories (didn't believe the official story for a second), but never all in one place.

Suvorov said...

It was easy to miss because is practically closed (maybe one update per year). I came across it quite by chance.

Lasse Johansson said...

Hi, I just wanted you to know of bizarre events taking place in Sweden right now. Swedish public service showed this documentary and it sparked a hostile reaction from the bosnian muslim community in Sweden. They are accusing public service of "genocide denial" and so on.

The interesting thing it has also caused consolidation among Serbs in Sweden. They created this facebook group "Istina za sve!" which already has 17000+ members: Check it out. Something like this has never happened before among the Serbian diaspora in Sweden.


CubuCoko said...

Ah, the good old law of unintended consequences. Thanks for the info!

Asteri said...

Some great pictures of what's going can be found on this Dutch Balkans blog

Eugene Costa said...

On alphabet soup, Herbert Marcuse has a marvelous section in One-Dimensional Man, including the following:

"Most of these abbreviations are perfectly reasonable and justified by the length of the unabbreviated designata. However, one might venture to see in some of them a 'çunning of Reason'--the abbreviation may help to repress undesired questions....[They] denote that and only that which is institutionalized in such a way that the transcending connotation is cut off. The meaning is fixed, doctored, loaded. Once it has become an official vocable, constantly repeated in general usage, 'sanctioned' by the intellectuals, it has lost all cognitive value and serves merely for recognition of an unquestionable fact.

This style is of an overwhelming concreteness....This language, which constantly imposes images, militates against the development and expression of concepts. In its immediacy and directness, it impedes conceptual thinking; thus, it impedes thinking."

robert49rml said...

Having spent much time in the region as a visitor and an Occupier I am disgusted by my country's direction in the Balkans. Our children in America and elsewhere are dying by the thousands of illegal drugs coming from, among other places, the Balkans. Why? There is no crop of opium or cocaine growing in Kosovo or Serbia...that I am aware of. The main supply of opium is coming from farther east, Afghanistan for example. It makes it way to the crossroads of what used to be called Yugoslavia. The new Kosovo government is in charge of making deals with Empire, and the United Nations to make sure it gets into the veins of European and American kids.

My friends and many of yours are still dying from 9/11 poisoning. So we help those perpetrators flourish in the Balkans too!

Stalin's regime, for those who have studied it in depth, was the greatest Organized Crime Syndicate in history ...until now.
It doesn't do any good to try and figure this out politically as those in power are part of the New Syndicate.
Everyone here can help those Mitrovica Serbs by staying focused and making sure the video cameras are on KFOR, etc. Perhaps Rodney King does have a legacy after all.

Сербство said...

Do you know where I can find an English translation of Ciano's letter to Mussolini about the Prebilovci massacre? It should be made available to English-speaking people.

CubuCoko said...

I've looked for it, but cannot find it anywhere. It is harrowing, if authentic. But I seem to recall reading it earlier, and it purportedly came from an Italian officer, not Ciano (who was a diplomat and thus presumably not in the habit of visiting massacre sites). I'll see what I can do to track it down.

BGD said...

Mr Falcon, very happy to find your blog (via Mercer) as it is not referenced on Do you Twitter when new posts are added by any chance or do I finally have to consider RSS feeds?

CubuCoko said...

BGD, I don't use Twitter (took me forever to get on Facebook), so if it's not too much trouble, RSS ought to work.
I thought the blog used to be listed on in my bio blurb; need to check on that.

CubuCoko said...

Сербство, a kind reader directed me to a document that might be the letter you referenced. It is attributed to a general Allesandro Luzano (sp?), so I can see how Lukic could mistake it for Ciano (he also got Von Ribbentrop's name wrong).

I still cannot confirm its authenticity, though. Given the sheer amount of forgeries and outright lies that have been used by both the Ustasha and the Communists to distort the history of WW2, I'd rather not use dubious documents to counter them...