Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Monument to Evil

The recent decision by the Hague Inquisition to reverse the convictions of two Croatian generals wasn't just a favor to Empire's onetime "junkyard dogs"; its wider implication was that abuse, expulsion and murder could be practiced with impunity, as long as the perpetrators thereof are Imperial "allies," and the targets are Serbs.

This is the message the Albanians have been hearing for years. Remember, the military leader of the terrorist KLA - now the Kosovian "defense minister" - was a general in the Croatian Army, serving under one of the generals the Inquisition set free. Now, however, they had a chance to show their pride in such impunity, on the occasion of an Albanian national holiday.

On November 28, 1912, what became the Albanian national flag - black eagle on red field - made its first appearance. Each year, the Albanians celebrate this as "Flag Day", and even though "Kosovia" has its own, politically correct flag, its blue and gold are nowhere in evidence these days, amidst the sea of red and black.

The central, pan-Albanian celebration has already taken place - in Skopje, capital of the former Yugoslav republic of Macedonia. Why not Tirana, the capital of Albania proper? Or Pristina, the capital of "independent Kosovo"? Simple. Skopje was the ancient capital of Serbia, and though modern Serbia doesn't claim the territory of Macedonia, the Albanians do.

But wait, there is more. In Presevo, a southern Serbian town claimed by Albanians as part of "Eastern Kosova", the local KLA first put up a monument to its "freedom fighters," then dared the Serbian police to come take it down. And yesterday, the following picture appeared in Serbian newspapers:
A model outside the Bujanovac Culture Hall (source)
An installation outside the Culture Hall in Bujanovac (a town near Presevo also claimed by the KLA), purports to represent the house in Valona where the Albanian flag first flew a century ago. However, the model is painted a shade of yellow entirely inappropriate for the original - invoking comparisons to the notorious "Yellow House."

This was the name given to a farmstead in Albania where, during and after the war to claim Kosovo (1999), the KLA killed and dismembered (in that order, if they were lucky) dozens of abducted Serb civilians, to sell their organs on the black market. When word of the "Yellow House" first emerged, the KLA, the Albanian authorities and the house's owners denied everything. The Hague Inquisitors claimed they had found nothing, and just accidentally happened to destroy all the evidence from the investigation. But as you can see, the KLA is now rubbing it in.

Pogroms based on blood libel. Desecrated churches and cemeteries. Pride in terrorism and butchery. All cheered on by the "international community" and the self-appointed defenders of "human rights." A month ago, Secretary of State Clinton declared that the cause of "independent Kosovia" was a personal matter - "for me, my family and my fellow Americans."

Clinton has a shopping center named after her. There are streets and boulevards named after her husband, and an Enver-style statue in downtown Pristina. I guess what's left to their "fellow Americans" is Kosovo itself - a monument to evil if ever there was one.

Proud yet?


powerchord said...

This act goes way beyond zealous nationalism; it is absolutely horrendous! Indeed it is a monument to Evil.

And now I just read that Ramush Haradinaj and his company of murderers have been cleared of war crimes! There is no coincidence that this follows on tail of the Gotovina acquittal!
Not that I expected real justice, but I thought that at least a thin veneer of justice would be applied.
I can't stomach any more of this!

Perhaps, in the wisdom of God, this is happening so that there can no longer be any shadow of a doubt that the West is hell-bent on defending and carrying out its demonic assault on Serbs and others who resist its evil order.

It is quite telling how the mask has been lifted with impunity to reveal a brazenly insidious devil mocking all life, truth, justice, and humanity.

I wonder how the Serbian people will respond to this. They are outraged, though they are tired and weary. (How much can people take?)

These are truly horrible times... but such deeds will neither be forgotten, nor forgiven!
The Day of Reckoning awaits.

bearspaw said...

Western media have been snickering about a news report from Serbia about a local mayor who is warning about vampires in the area. The problem is more widespread.There are vampires in The Hague, Pristina, Washington DC (particularly virulent in Foggy Bottom)and numerous other western capitals.

Strahinja said...


"Perhaps, in the wisdom of God, this is happening so that there can no longer be any shadow of a doubt that the West is hell-bent on defending and carrying out its demonic assault on Serbs and others who resist its evil order."

-It is the other way around actually. Because it is happening, there can be no shadow of doubt.
God is not 'orchestrating' anything. The Serbs are being kicked in the ass because of their own blindness to reality.
And statements like 'wisdom of God' and 'demonic' are not going to help makes our heads any clearer. We need to be rational, and take a hard look at the reality Serbia is facing. There is no need to get all superstitious and hysterical. You just need to be intelligent.
You don't actually believe 'Satan' is on the side of the Albanians do you?

-Though you are right about one thing. Serbs are tired and weary.
Unfortunately for them, Albanians, 'the west' don't care.
Here's a good quote: "You may not be interested in war, but war is interested in you."

CubuCoko said...

Strahinja, I don't mind if you don't believe, but don't be obnoxious about it. Superstition? Hysteria? I find them strongly in evidence among those who invoke "reality" with fatalism befitting a cult of some sort.

God does not orchestrate. He does, however, offer opportunities for salvation. Up to us whether we take them or not.

Strahinja said...

I'm not trying to be offensive, I just find it counter-productive to focus on things like God or Satan when clearly the issue is that there are people in the world whose interests clash with ours, and rather than focusing on that, as well as our own interests and policies, we are focusing on metaphysics totally divorced from what can be explained in simple secular language.

Thats all. I didn't understand your fatalism reference?

CubuCoko said...

But this isa matter of God and Satan - or rather, good and evil. If we reduce it to "clashing interests", then we have no argument against those who have done this to us. They had the force to do it, after all, right? So if we can't or won't fight them, doesn't this "logic" dictate we need to submit? That's basically all I've heard from various pragmatists.

As I've written here and on before, the Empire doesn't even allow us to have interests. If we accept this as legitimate (because, arguendo, there is no God and therefore no objective standard of good or evil, only the "reality" of force), how can we fight it? And as a result, we don't.

Strahinja said...

You raise a point worthy of a very detailed response, but I won't do it here. However I will say this:

-Those 'pragmatists', whoever they are, are obviously very small minded. Their response isn't an argument, but is an act of intellectual submission to the Empire.

-The Chinese, who have no conception of God, at least not in the monotheistic-abrahamic sense, have no problem at all fighting for their interest and survival.

So I don't see why Serbs would either.

Strahinja said...

I have written a proper response to the points you raised here:

CubuCoko said...

"Strahinja", I am glad you've decided to start your own blog. This discussion should properly move there. I invite my readers who might be interested to read your post and comment thereupon.

As for me, I'll say this: of course we should fight for our survival and interests, but if we succumb to the belief that this mortal coil is all there is, and physical survival trumps everything else (per the existentialists) then the enemy has succeeded. Their very argument is that by submitting to their domination, we'll preserve our physical existence - at the "trifling" price of losing everything that makes us Serbs. A bargain, no?

Of course not.

Strahinja said...

I don't think it is mere physical existence.
But say it were, the same applies to our enemies.

They just happen to be the stronger ones at the moment. If we were so inclined to reduce it to mere physical survival, then rebellion can become our life's purpose. The glove may one day be on the other hand.

But I don't think this is the case. A rejection of metaphysical value and meaning is one thing, but what value there is to be found in the 'physical' or 'apparent' world, is open to massive debate.