Sunday, January 25, 2015

Mercenaries in Mariupol?

You may have heard of Mariupol back in May 2014, when local citizens of this seaside town in the Donetsk Oblast tried to stop Nazi squads loyal to the Kiev junta from taking over. The Nazis shot at the crowd, killing several people (as you can see in videos at the linked page). Eventually, Kievite armor broke into the city and imposed "democracy and human rights" at gunpoint.

Mariupol then became the base of the Nazi "Azov" battalion - you know, the one with the SS insignia as their banner and Nazis from around the world flocking to their ranks? The ones even the Western mainstream media are queasy about, even as they try to paint them as "freedom fighting democrats"?

"Out of my face" - an English-speaker at the scene of the Mariupol shelling (via RT)
This week, as troops loyal to the governments in Donetsk and Lugansk - which declared independence in May 2014, following the butchery in Odessa and Mariupol - defeated a half-witted attack by Kiev's "cyborgs" and once again made advances towards the edges of Mariupol, a city block on the eastern side of town came under rocket fire.

Of course, the junta immediately cried out "the terrorists are killing us!" Western media reporting on the incident blamed the "Russians" (i.e. the Donetsk forces) - but that's no surprise, since they lie routinely.

What makes this incident different is that the path of the rocket volley was easy enough to ascertain: it came from deep behind the junta lines. My colleague the Saker, ever reasonable, thinks it may have been a mistake by the junta artillery - a volley meant for the advancing Novorossian troops, falling short.

While I would not normally go looking for malice where stupidity will suffice, the junta forces have been proven malicious time and again. As the Saker himself points out, they shell Donetsk, Lugansk, Gorlovka and many other places, on a daily basis. But the reason I am inclined to think this may have been deliberate is that a local news crew on the site accidentally ran into an odd man speaking English.

Hiding his face from the camera, the man - wearing fatigues and carrying a rifle - tells the reporter "Out of my face, out of my face please" in what to me sounds like American English. What was he doing there? Removing the evidence? Why was an ordnance disposal team, seen in another video, speaking English as well?

I spoke with RT about that earlier today. While it is possible these men could be "Azov" volunteers from the West, such men would not bother hiding their faces from - presumably friendly - cameras. Far more likely, these are Western "advisors" sent to bolster the ineffective junta military. Rather than regular troops - though there was an announcement US troops would be setting up a "training center" in Galicia in a couple of months - I figure these are mercenaries (Blackwater, aka Academi) that have been rumored to be in the area since this summer.

One correction: in the segment, I mentioned today's resignation of the Bosnian Defense Minister over the pressure from the West to sell weapons and ammunition to Kiev. Turns out I was slightly off the mark: the official in question is the Minister for Foreign Trade, Boris Tučić, and he resigned Thursday. However, the reason he cited was indeed the political pressure to sell weapons to the junta. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused.


swampy said...

You idiots, why dobu think i was there? Standing over the hole looking at the UXO? Mormons! Its me in both videos, first video rushing to the scene with team to try to find casualties, second vid, looking at uxo in school playground! You morons make me sick. Im an unpaid volunteer, yes, ok im with azov. No ones perfect but im sure as hrll not a nazi, right wing or us contractor

Anonymous said...

The rocket attack on Mariupol was no mistake; the junta has taken the population hostage.

CubuCoko said...

@swampy, I'm kind of touched that you found the time in your busy day LARPing a Banderist to create a blogger profile and comment on my blog.

Are you saying you are Chris ‘Swampy’ Garrett, subject of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, unpaid volunteer in the self-admittedly Nazi "Azov" battalion? You sure don't sound like a Brit in that first clip, though...

jo6pac said...

Amerikan from the east coast, could be us military but more than likely contractor for cia.

Anonymous said...

I blogged about this video, too! Great minds think alike. :)

Honestly, accent-wise I hear a trace of a British accent in the video. It's definitely a native English speaker, though.

jcsahnwaldt said...

CubuCoko said...

OSCE is a sick joke by this point.