Sunday, January 18, 2015

Columns Update

Having heard some rumors of my demise as a columnist - both from the genuinely concerned fans as well as concern-trolling detractors - I assure you they have been vastly exaggerated. Long-time readers know I don't tend to write much for the first couple weeks of every calendar year for the very simple reason of keeping the Serbian holiday calendar.

Unfortunately, Christmas this year was marked by the terror acts in Paris. I've blogged the immediate impressions about the Charlie Hebdo affair. Now my first columns of 2015 look at the big picture through the prism of those attacks.

In the latest piece on RT's Op-Edge, I examine the hypocritical reactions - directed by rather transparent perception management and emotional manipulation - of the Western public to the murders at Charlie Hebdo, the faked "leadership" at the Paris solidarity march, and the tolerance of actual terrorism so long as its victims are non-Westerners (specifically in the east of the Ukraine, but there were horrific massacres in Nigeria last week that were likewise overlooked). The title, by the way, is French for "They are hypocrites".

Meanwhile, over at, I take issue with the knee-jerk reactions to the Paris attacks from both sides of the mainstream, bringing up a brilliant analysis by Brendan O'Neill from a few years back to argue that the Atlantic Empire has an obsession with making jihad into a weapon it could use - even though it keeps blowing up in their face and injuring bystanders.

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James said...

You must do a column on the revelations in the documents turned over by FBiH Vice President Mirsad Kebo. I think it should be in your main Antiwar column to get as much readers as possible. The western tools got away with acts of genocide on Serbs and the mass media has forever been silent:

Bosnia: Serbs were burned alive in Zenica Iron works furnaces

CubuCoko said...

I was actually waiting for more details of the revelations. But Kebo's testimony has been interesting indeed...

James said...

Actually, this is a report from "the Mission of the Conference for Security and Cooperation of Europe (CSCE) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, September 1992" which states that case. Also it names 2 members by name: "The Mission was led by Englishman John Thomson and his assistants were US Ambassador Kenneth Blackwell and a group of internationally recognized experts in the fields of law, medicine and politics."

In the report they say "We witnessed beating, we saw the wounds, fractures and other injuries of prisoners. We believe that many of them were brutally murdered. The prisoners we spoke to were scared and often refused to give us detailed description of the crimes, but many still gave signals of what they’we been subject to"

I am wondering if they or others ever observed any such injures or actually witnessed beatings done by Serbs on Muslims or Croats, because so far we have all these propaganda horror stories but you have no authentic official (non-Balkan) source witnessing injures or beatings, and there's never physical medical evidence of torture brought with the claims against Serbs. Even in the photos - like of the skinny guy Fikret Alic taken by ITN behind a dilapidated fence around a little shed and wheelbarrow used to prove the Serbs were Nazis - there is no bruising, wounds - even scratches, damage to limbs, nor even dirty clothes nor hair.
Yet Serbs are the ones who've need surgery and people working with refugees point to the Serbs as having signs of torture and severe beating (face beaten in) and needing medical treatment.
Other than war injuries, mine accidents and collateral damage, the Muslims and Croats don't have any real physical or medical proof of torture by Serbs that I've ever found.