Thursday, January 08, 2015


Yesterday, three masked men - which the French government and media have identified as French-born Algerians - attacked the offices of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and murdered 10 employees (deliberately targeting the magazine's cartoonists). They also killed two police officers on the scene, one of whom was reportedly named Ahmed - so, a French Muslim.

The bodies of the slain have hardly gone cold before the Narrative Wars began. For some, this was a vile act of Islamic terror, signaling the need to defend the West from jihad. Far enough - except that many of these very people have been allied with jihadists and terrorists for decades, in places like Afghanistan, Bosnia, Serbia ("Kosovo" and "Sanjak"), Russia (Chechnya, Dagestan) and more recently, Libya and Syria. The way they spun it, these were the "good" jihadists, attacking the "enemies" of the West - you know, those folks who refused to submit to demands for unconditional surrender of their independence, economies, values, societies, faiths and traditions to the bankers, market speculators and the false god of Multiculturalism.

In other words, I'll believe the West is fighting against the jihad when I see it.

To compound the irony, the same social-justice-warrior types who harp on about "rape culture" and take offense at everything are now describing Charlie Hebdo as "provocative", thus implying the slain cartoonists were somehow asking for it. Oh? So would the Serbs have been justified to firebomb or machine-gun Charlie Hebdo because it printed vile stuff like this:
(from Twitter)
It never occurred to the Serbs to try, which is a point I'll come back to shortly. But the logic of the above hypothetical escapes the mainstream Western culture, because in its Narrative the Serbs are supposed to be vilest of the vile and can do no right, while Islam is "the religion of peace" and Muslims can do no wrong. And so the murders of Charlie Hebdo staff will be forced into the Narrative - Islamsplained, if you will - and the whole thing will end with candlelight vigils and #JeSuisCharlie hashtags on Twitter.

Contrast this with the case of "Pussy Riot," Empire-funded "shocktivists" who interrupted a service at an Orthodox Cathedral in Moscow (one razed by the Communists and rebuilt after 1991, no less) with an offensive "prayer" mocking God and president Putin. To these same Western SJWs now trying to Islamsplain the CH attack, "PR" (the acronym is a dead giveaway) were heroes, freedom-fighters, democratic democrats, etc. They were never described as "provocative," while the clemency they received for an obvious trespass was twisted into some sort of martyrdom instead.

As a Russian friend pointed out, where was the outrage over the murder of journalists when it was the Russian journalists getting killed by Kiev's Nazis in Donbass? There wasn't any, because those were the Other, the un-people, the "sub-humans" (as Ukie "Prime Minister," Our Man Yats himself, put it). Hypocrisy is the only value in the West these days.

In the smokescreen raised by the Narrative Wars, the real issue - that of civilization - will be overlooked. You see, treating people with respect and not killing them are among the basic rules of civilized societies. And both the West and Islam come up short in terms of both.

Words from yesterday's Christmas message of Patriarch Kirill come to mind: "...we see in what infernal state the human person ... abides when he has lost the dignity granted to him by the Creator."


Aleks said...

If we go back a bit in history, the British and the French bailed out the Ottoman Empire in the mid 1800s because they didn't want Russia liberating christians or challenging the status quo.

Then came the Crimean war. Again, keep Russia out, fk the christians.

When the west finally gave up on the Ottomans (too many obvious massacres of armenians that couldn't be covered up any more), the Germans stepped in.

Then WWI where the UK co-opted moslems against Germany (Lawrence of Arabia etc.).

WWII, having learned from British betrayal, they threw their lot in with the nazis.

Each time, the west has used moselms as a tool either against each other or the Russians (Afghanistan).

Christians only count it they align with current foreign policy.

Russia must be contained at all costs!

CubuCoko said...

Yes, to the rulers of the West there are no human beings deserving of respect and dignity - only things, pieces on the game board, tokens in their pursuit of power.

kapetan Mile said...

So it is ok to bomb Serbian Television by NATO in 1999. 16 people died in that attack. Does anyone even remember. I know in the west they don't. where was the outcry then?

CubuCoko said...

Some Serbs remembered. Some Russians remembered. Even a few critics of the current groupthink in the West brought it up (surprising me, to be frank) - so obvious is the hypocrisy.

Unknown said...

I do remember the RTS bombing even though I am an Italian.

CubuCoko said...

To my great surprise, many more people have brought it up than I expected. It looks like the long, twilight struggle of the few of us for the past 15 years hasn't been in vain.

Homophobic Horse said...

Gray Falcon,

As I understand it you know more than a little bit about the collapse of Yugoslavia and the related politics - with that in mind what do you think about the latest arrests in Belgium? Moreover, do you think that Jihadists may develop the organisation and capability to launch an outright insurrection somewhere in Western Europe well within our lifetimes?

CubuCoko said...

Having lived through it, I sure hope I know more than a little bit about it :)

I think these arrests are just the tip of the iceberg, and likely to go no further. Some bloggers think this might be the beginning of Western Europe's crackdown on Muslim immigrants. I doubt it. The cult of diversity and ethno-masochism (adopted in the West as an overcompensating response to chauvinism of the 1940s) still holds sway.