Friday, May 16, 2014

Flood Aid for Serbia and Bosnia

Heavy rains over the past several days have resulted in flooding of "Biblical proportions" in much of Serbia and Bosnia.
Obrenovac, Serbia, May 2014
UPDATE: More charities added below

Thanks to a diligent reader, I have been informed that the humanitarian organization "Serbs for Serbs" (Срби за Србе) - which has worked since 2005 to provide assistance to endangered families, especially in Kosovo and among the Krajina refugees - has launched a drive to help those affected by the flooding.

I am passing on this information as a courtesy; for all questions, please contact SZS directly, via email or Facebook.

Here is how to donate:

Austria: Account number: 10364339 BLZ: 32000 (with reference to'' fight against the floods'')

European Union: IBAN: AT97 3200 0000 1036 4339 SWIFT / BIC: RLNWATWW, Customer: Serbs for Serbs (reference: "fight against the floods")

Switzerland: 85-419625-6, IBAN: CH46 0900 0000 8541 9625 6, SWIFT: POFICHBEXXX, Customer: Serbs for Serbs (reference: "fight against the floods")

PayPal (Europe): (indicating "fight against the floods")

PayPal (USA): (indicating'' fight against the floods'')

Moneybookers / Skrill:

USA (checking account):,
Acct# 5765278378
Domestic wires: 121000248
International wires: WFBIUS6S
Bank Name: Wellsfargo NA.

You can also mail donations to : PO Box 34206 Chicago, IL 60634 USA

RAS International is also collecting contributions, via PayPal ( or by mail:

RAS - The International Serbian Organization
P.O. Box 31122
Bethesda, MD 20824

Another way to help is via International Orthodox Christian Charities.


Diogenes said...

Another means of helping, especially for Americans, is the International Orthodox Christian charities, which is already well positioned in Serbia and BiH.

Chris said...

Please, who is helping where the money is going to the people? I make barely 20k/yr and I will not send money to the Red Cross that pays its executives nearly a million. That's insane. I have a Bosnian friend here in the US whom I love dearly and I want to help, but not to line pockets of greedy executives. Who is REALLY helping?

Unknown said...

Hej sivi Soko,

just 3 things here :

1) how are things going in Ukraine : lemme tell you : BAD FOR RUSSIANS... You said by all aspects it looked an easy case for Russians... Turned out Russians were lone in this fight and lost their biggest partner, and closest country Ukraine. We all know Ukraine is to Russia what Bosnia is to Serbia.
So i can understand once again the censorship against my posts. Its ok
2) Where is the greek help from the ancient Gods of democracy towards their little spiritual savage children the Serbs (i am following typical neo-serb narrative here)????
Lemme tell you : NOWHERE. Cause Greeks do not give a dice about Serbs, and i feel it every day.
Now next to Greek help (zero help) go and compare the BULGARIAN and RUSSIAN help....
Seems like a SLAVIC reflective pattern here? sure does
3) i already donated to Serbia and would like to give smth to Bosnia/RS as well.

If you know anything specific that would be great.

What i have been saying for years reveals as a reality .....



Lets stop Devil's plan to destroy the SLAVS.... and all free good people.

CubuCoko said...

Chris, I absolutely understand your position - that's why I put up this post, so people wouldn't donate to the charity racket, but organizations that are actually helping those in need.
All the charities listed in the post above have a pretty good track record of doing so.

CubuCoko said...

Panix, I have heard of Greeks collecting aid for Serbia. Not sure why you're so hung up on supposed Greek hate and Slavic unity, but suit yourself.

I'm not so sure about your conviction that Russia has lost, either. Sure, the Devil can cause destruction, but "oft evil will shall evil mar."

Unknown said...

Hej Sivi Soko,
I suffer from a disease, not sure if i was born with this or developed it at a later stage (when i got in contact with the (south)Slavs). The symptoms of this disease simply are : i can't stand hypocrisy and lies.

The Greeks sent the least amount of help to Serbia (few men under some western help unit of some sort), i doubt they will come into contact with the filthy balkan flood waters at all. And of course no help to Bosnia at all.

But this is ok, i guess. Gvmt being busy with local elections, euro-elections, and various other forms of being hugely involved in politics, i guess they had no time to deal with what is happening in the region.

What almost kills me, is that in my own company i tried to make the situation in Serbia/Bosna known to my co-workers, i sent out corporate emails, and i didn't even receive a single reply of sympathy... Not to talk about donations of any kind.... And the people here make more money than Dodik or the quisling members of Belgrade gvmt...
While during the Japan earthquake or the philipines floods , they had set up special boxes, accounts, etc... for donations....

It hurts me..... badly.... And i just cannot pretend it is otherwise.

Lets face it : false-Greeks-grekophones = majority of population in Greece = DEEP HATERS of anything slavic ....

In the meantime, look at the help from Czech, Slovenia, Makedonia (= the big enemy of Greece LOL!) and even BULGARIA....

nothing much to add here....

Look, the world kind of depends on people like you, Lazanski, to make a difference ....

I would like to base hope on this wave as well, as the other alternative (west) brings only disgust...

I strongly believe in Slavic unity, because that is the main enemy of the west... Not Serbs or Russians in isolation... No... Their target is clearly to kill the Slavs ....

CubuCoko said...

Assuming I've read you right, you actually live and work in Greece? In which case I'll defer to your personal observations over my third-hand information, but I'm still not sure the Greeks are as bad as you claim.

As for Slavic unity, it is an observable fact that the Atlantic Empire thinks the only good Slav is a former Slav (e.g. Catholicized or Islamized and made into a servant). So it stands to reason that if we don't hang together, we'll surely hang separately. But as someone personally burned by mistaken belief in "brotherhood and unity," I'm reluctant to advocate Panslavism without working out the details first.

Unknown said...

Dobar Dan Sivi Soko!

I live in Greece yes. And things are exactly as i tell you. Any neutral Serb non-politically motivated will tell you the same thing.
It is a very complicated matter, and i am afraid i cannot express the very exact situation with my knowledge of conventional english language. I would even have problems doing this in my native language the greek language.

I am a long-time supporter (and alone in this) of a complete re-design re-birth of the greek psyche, based on true-greek models, like the ones still found in Crete and Cyprus. And this kind of psyche, the precision of tang and mind is very close and compatible to the rest of free europeans (Slavs). More and more i believe that the ancient greeks , whose spirit is still alive in Cyprus and Crete, were very close in mentality with the Slavs.

So, my ideal for true-Greeks is far from "being as bad as i claim". On the contrary i am huge supporter of true Greeks. But unfortunately less than 5% of mainland greece behave, think, talk and feel like true greeks.

Logically, i put all my hopes to Crete, Cyprus and the southslavs....

Cyprus is a magical place with magical people. A nation with so many ties with Russian/Slavic/Bulgarian culture. True Greeks, yet aware of the Slavic cultures. I saw RUSSIAN MARINES this Easter in Cyprus, something UNIMAGINABLE for Athens. Athens is 100% anti-Slavic by all means.

Sorry for the length of my post.

CubuCoko said...

I've heard someone argue that Linear A (the Minoan script so far eluding the understanding of Western scholars) was an early form of Slavic script. Not sure if that is actually true, but if it is, it might back up your thesis about Cyprus and Crete...

James said...

"The Greeks sent the least amount of help to Serbia (few men under some western help unit of some sort), i doubt they will come into contact with the filthy balkan flood waters at all."

That's too bad if true, but could it be due to Greeks tending to be stingy (that's their reputation according to some people) and not because they dislike Serbs?
Serbia has repeatedly sent help to fight the regular Greece summertime fires and Serb firefighters enthusiastically signed up to go:
Belgrade, Aug 31, 2007 - Assistant Minister of Interior Predrag Maric said today that the Serbian Ministry of Interior has sent 55 firefighters and six firefighting vehicles to Greece to take part in extinguishing the fire raging in the Peloponnesus peninsula.
Maric told Beta news agency that the Serbian firefighting squad was sent at the request of Greek authorities and following the order of Serbian Minister of Interior Dragan Jocic.

Over 300 firemen signed up for Greece in less than an hour, Maric said.

James said...

There have been reports in Serbian news Tanjug and InSerbia news of Greeks and Greece sending aid.
The Tanjug article I tried to post here last week had Greek businesses operating in Serbia collecting and sending around $250,000 dollars worth of aid to Serbia. Plus there was a convoy of humanitarian aid delivered June 9 to Orahovac, and another scheduled for another hard-hit town.

Now InSerbia News reports and additional $35,000 from Greece. So Greece is helping. That their help comes a few weeks later is a good thing as it is coming when aid from elsewhere has slowed down.