Thursday, May 08, 2014

Murdering History, Again

Two days ago, as I posted about the meaning of St. George's day and the victory ribbon, news came of this:

So, in addition to murdering or burning alive any Ukrainians who disagree with them, the Banderite regime in Kiev is now butchering history. Where oh where have we seen this before?

What exactly are "European symbols"? The poppy flower is an English thing, traditionally associated with November 11 and the armistice that ended the Great War (1914-18), inspired by the poppies of Flanders. What exactly do Flanders, Britain or WW1 have to do with 1945? Also, why would Ukraine commemorate 1939, when Hitler invaded in 1941?

Unless... in addition to sucking up to the English (and maybe payback for rescuing the Banderites in 1945), the red-and-black poppies could be a wink and a nudge to the Banderite flag (see the "Right Sector" symbols). And the focus on 1939 might be the preparation for claiming that "Ukraine" was "invaded" by the Soviets. Anything to properly "integrate" Banderastan with the West, where Victory Day has already been politically corrected into "Europe Day."

Either way, considering it was the Soviet Union that deserves the overwhelming credit for actually destroying Nazism, the decision to use "European" symbols is a travesty. Worse, it is a deliberate insult to all those murdered by Hitler's hordes. And let's by all means remember - since they seem so proud of it - that among Hitler's allies were the Ukrainian SS and militias, whose heirs now "rule" in Kiev on behalf of the Atlantic Empire.

As I noted on Tuesday, I'll keep flying the Ribbon of Saint George to let them and their sponsors know that they were defeated then, and will be defeated again. Here is that message in Russian - courtesy of KP - so they may understand precisely what I mean:
Когда я надеваю георгиевскую ленточку, я делаю это во имя моих предков, которые веками сражались с турками, завоевывая свою свободу. Я делаю это во имя моего деда, который выжил в лагере для военнопленных. В память о бабушке, которую я не знал; ради многочисленных родственников, погубленных усташами. Я делаю это, чтобы выразить свое презрение нацистами, усташам, сегодняшним бандеровцам. И чтобы напомнить им (и их спонсорам), что мы победили их тогда, и победим снова.
Потому что они и есть дракон, которого убил Георгий Победоносец.
И Восток помнит.

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