Friday, May 02, 2014

Remembering the "Blitz"

At 0530 hours on May 1, 1995, some 16,000 Croatian troops attacked the Serb-inhabited portion of Western Slavonia known as Sector West (a UN Protected Area, UNPA).

Following the failure of Croatian militias to conquer this and other Serb-inhabited areas (later united in the Republic of Serbian Krajina - RSK) that rejected Croatia's anti-Serb, neo-Nazi regime in Zagreb. In January 1992, an armistice was signed ("Vance Plan") and a UN force deployed to safeguard the Serb-inhabited areas following the withdrawal of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA).
Operation "Blitz", May 1-2, 1995 (source: CIA, via Wikipedia)
Backed by the United States government, Zagreb launched the May 1 operation as a trial balloon. Within 36 hours, the Croats had expelled the area's 15,000 Serbs, and killed 283 (including 57 women and 9 children). The UN troops charged with protecting the zone did nothing. The so-called "international community" (the Atlantic Empire and its vassals, in practice) did nothing.

Three months later, Croatia launched an all-out assault against the Serb-inhabited areas, with full diplomatic and political support of the United States government, killing 930 (with another 922 missing and presumed dead), while expelling almost all the remaining Serbs from the territories claimed by the Croatian state. By 2001, there were 380,032 fewer Serbs living in Croatia than in 1991, when Zagreb declared independence.

Both "police actions" were named in the true tradition of WW2 Croatia: "Flash" (Blitz, in German) and "Storm" (Sturm).

Croatian map of the "liberation" of Western Slavonia;
Serb-inhabited territories in blue were "liberated" in 1991,
in operation "Hurricane" (Orkan)  
Because Croatia was a proxy of the Atlantic Empire, it got away with this murder. Now the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev, which seized power in the illegal coup of February 22, is expecting to do the same, launching a military attack against the Ukrainians refusing to submit to them. But while they expect May 2014 will be like May 1995, they should remember what happened when someone else tried to replicate August 1995 in August 2008.

God is just, and His justice does not sleep forever.

The East remembers.


Branko said...

You should mention that Sector West was officially called a United Nations Protected Area (UNPA). Then, just before the Croatian attack, that designation was dropped. During the attack, none of the Western press mentioned this.Very much unlike the Western media coverage of the UN Safe Areas in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

In fact, some sympathetic journalist gave me the BBC's internal number to their news desk, and when I asked them to mention the UNPA status, the person on the other end wouldn't believe me.

CubuCoko said...

Oops! My first draft indeed included that "Sector West" was an UNPA - thanks for catching it!

Branko said...

Could you report on how the UNPA's lost their status? I was following events closely at the time, and yet I somehow missed that. I suspect that it's another dark deed that needs to be brought out into the light of day.

CubuCoko said...

Are you sure they actually lost their status? I did some looking through the archives and found that on March 31, UNPROFOR was officially re-designated UNCRO, but its mission remained the same. I wouldn't be surprised if the claim that this somehow invalidated the 1992 armistice and abolished the UNPAs originated in Zagreb...

Branko said...

I do remember hearing or reading they lost their status. Perhaps it was through the mechanism you hypothesize, but I don't know. I suspect there's a story here. Do you have any contact with any of the former UNPROFOR guys? Or any way to find out?

Branko said...

Or if they still had UN Protected Area status, that makes the Western actions and media response even more heinous.