Sunday, March 23, 2014

About That Gratitude, Again

I have written before on the downright idiotic belief of the Imperial establishment that their white-knighting around the world on behalf of jihadists would result in gratitude. Except, you know, not.

In fact, there is a lengthy list of jihadists attacks perpetrated by those very "secular, modern, democratic, etc." Muslims from the Balkans the Empire has waged several wars to "save" or "liberate" - and it keeps growing.

Two commenters just sent in links to a developing story from southern Turkey. It appears that a Turkish patrol was ambushed on a highway near the Syrian border, and two soldiers and a policeman were killed. The Turks have captured three suspects, described as "two Albanians and a Kosovan [sic]" who were likely fighting the anti-government jihad in Syria. Which, by the way, Turkey has supported.

Here is a Macedonian news agency quoting the AFP quoting Turkey's Interior Minister:
Two Albanians and a Kosovan have been arrested for a suspected 'terror' attack that claimed the lives of two soldiers and a policeman in southern Turkey, Interior Minister Efgan Ala said Friday, AFP reports.
And here is that AFP story, as posted by Lebanon's Daily Star:
Two Albanians and a man from Kosovo have been arrested for a suspected "terror" attack that claimed the lives of two soldiers and a policeman in southern Turkey, Interior Minister Efgan Ala said Friday.

The three men were arrested after Thursday's attack, in which assailants opened fire on security forces carrying out a highway patrol near the town of Ulukisla, close to the Syrian border.

"The suspects captured were two citizens of Albania and the third from Kosovo," the official Anatolia news agency quoted Ala as saying.

Albania's interior ministry, however, denied that any of those arrested were Albanian citizens.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan had labelled the shooting a "vile act of terror" and said the three security officers killed were "martyrs".

Deputy Prime Minister Besir Atalay said the attackers had "a link with Syria", without giving further details.

Local media reported they were affiliated with militant Islamist organisations operating in Syria.
Recall that the Empire had arranged for the Syrian "rebels" to "train" with the KLA back in 2012. And there are obviously Albanian (and Bosnian) jihadists fighting for the "rebels", as reports keep coming in about many of them reaching their goal of martyrdom (i.e. getting killed). Meanwhile, Turkey has not only backed the jihad in Syria, but also the Muslims of Bosnia and the "Kosovian" Albanians in their claims on Serb territory.

Perhaps this instance of Albanian jihadists biting the hand that fed them might cause the Turks to reconsider their position, if not on the Syrian jihad then "Kosovistan." But I'm not holding my breath.


Witch-king of Angmar said...

And they did this to Turks with whom they have cultural and historic connections. Tells you all you need to know...

The bright side of this is that Turkey has no politically correct prisons and that they'll soon pay back for what they did. With interest...

James said...

According to an Albanian news source one of the culprits (a "Kosovar" with Swiss citizenship) is unrepentant in court and did it because Turkey is in NATO. Isn't that ironic given that these other Kosovo Albanians are celebrating NATO around this time:
His quote from a google-translated article: "I did a good deed by killing the soldier of the Turkish gendarmerie. I do not give account to anyone except Allah. You all are without religion"
...the attacker considered Turkey as an enemy because of a member of NATO.

The boldness of this attack and the fact that they are attacking the military personnel of countries which heavily support them and their types at killing others (and Turkey is very much supporting terrorists in Syria) reminds me of the Kosovo Albanian, Arid Uka, who killed the U.S. air force men at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany three years ago.