Saturday, March 22, 2014

Four (Not So) Easy Pieces

Over on my Serbian-language blog, I have a weekly overview of interesting articles that runs every Sunday. I wish I had the time to do something like that here, but it's just not practical. So a quick round-up now and then will have to do.

Here is an interesting view of the Ukraine tug-of-war from China's People's Daily. My best guess is that this sums up Beijing's official position, and that interpreting China's abstention in the UNSC as weakness or disinterest would be a huge mistake.

And here is how an Indian commentator looks on Russia vs. the West. I don't know how mainstream this publication is, but the author is very pointedly dispensing advice to the likely incoming cabinet and arguing that the Atlantic Empire simply can't be trusted.

I first heard the name Anne Williamson via Steve Sailer's blog, three weeks ago, when he quoted at length her 1999 testimony describing the financial Rape of Russia after the Soviet Union'd demise. Imagine my interest, then, when an essay by Williamson appeared on this past week, talking about how the Empire has adopted Lenin's "logic." Especially since some of you may remember me making the same argument here, back in 2012.

And then there is the inimitable Fred Reed, whom I simply have to quote:
"I mean, by all the gods and little catfish, what does he think a tiny irrititing [sic] boat like that is going to do—torpedo the Crimea? It doesn’t float, Barack. It’s stuck to the bottom. You can’t sink it."
Meanwhile, the Western press is bleating how the "international community" (what's that, again?) or even "the whole world" is against Russia. Yeah, about that...

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