Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Drawing Them a Picture

Yesterday, "Kosovian" politician Vlora Citaku tweeted an image celebrating the NATO aggression 15 years ago. It was quickly re-tweeted by the proud NATO press office:
screen capture from Twitter
I'm curious to see if Nike will react to this infringement of their trademark by mobsters, drug-runners, butchers, slavers and aggressors. Not betting on it.

However, it wasn't long before someone created a response graphic:
via Facebook (by M.V.)
And then someone else created another:
(via Facebook)
For those who don't remember, the top right panel is a photo of what remained of the F-117 stealth bomber, shot down over Serbia on March 27, 1999.

UPDATE (3/27/2014) And here is another design, also referring to the shoot-down:
(via Facebook(
Yet this one, posted by Young Americans for Liberty, is my personal favorite:

(via Facebook, Young Americans for Liberty)
Something to remember, every time you hear the phrase "the entire world" or "international community" coming from the mouths of State Department deputy assistant undersecretaries, or EU commissars.


Teddy said...

Whenever the warmongers utter the phrase "International Community" or the "Entire World" I would refer them to this "inconvenient truth":


el swino said...


I remember that post on twitter and had to respond in a measured response. Both this "minister" and the NATO spokesman are just part of that vicious cycle collecting paychecks and promoting a lie.